Marisol Ester Zanata
Lima, Peru
Tel 01- 420 6099


  • Eye Trauma

  • Acne

  • Parkinson Disease

"I have been doing the Homa Therapy for 4 months. I like to give the healing testimony that took place with my son Jean Pierre. He had an accident and his eye was traumatized. His eye presented internal bleeding and a lot of swelling. I prepared a creme with Agnihotra ash and ghee and applied it around his eye. Surprisingly the very next day he was already well, normally any kind of trauma or bruise (hematome) will take several days to clear up and will go first through all the different colours. But this was a very quick healing.
We also applied the Agnihotra creme on his acne and those pimples disappeared. 
Another experience was with Mrs. Alida, she arrived in our house, having the Parkinson disease. Her left arm was shaking strongly and continuously. At the beginning when she did the Agnihotra fire, she dropped ghee, because of her shaking, but after a week, now you barely can see her shaking. She has been doing this healing fires in the morning at her house and in the afternoon with us. She does Agnihotra with her daughter and we can see that she is almost completely healed in that short time."