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Guayaquil, Ecuador


  • Epileptic Attacks
"I am professional masseuse.
My niece fell to the floor one day and began to convulse. We took her to the hospital and then to a clinic. At the beginning it was thought of a possible trichinosis, but then we found out that she had epileptic attacks. They passed her through thousands of examinations, but our anguish continued since she doesn't have a mother and the responsible ones are we, her aunts.
I visited my friend Sonia Peterson to give her a massage and I commented my problem. She suggested trying the Agnihotra ash. I thought that is wonderful, since I was grateful for everything that meant improvement for her. Later, when I arrived at home and told my mom, we begin to give her the ash to see what would happen. The girl previously had at least 8 attacks a day. Now after having begun to take the Agnihotra ash, if she has one attack a month it is a lot.
From that moment on, for us, Homa Therapy is something marvelous."