Prof. Egberto Oriel Pacheco
Urb. Pachacamac IV Etapa
Villa El Salvador
, Peru
phone: 51- 1- 293 2258


  • Hypertension
  • Cockroaches
  • Diseased Plants

Harmony at home

"I want to share my experiences after beginning the practice of Agnihotra. I thank the Divine for having shown me these fires in order to heal us who are in need.

1. On February 18th, 2005 when I attended the "ECO-HOMA" event in the Agrarian University La Molina and participated for the first time in the healing Agnihotra fire, I was healed from high blood pressure which was 17/50. The Doctor told me on January 16th that I was on the edge of a heart attack or stroke due to the toxins excess in my blood. I went to regular check ups during one month and took sub-lingual pills. But my pressure was still 15/70. I was desperate, I had strong heart beats and was agitated.
Now I can assure that I am well, I am practicing daily Agnihotra with my wife and take the healing Agnihotra ash.

2. I have observed very notorious changes in my home: more tranquility, more harmony, the children have better achievements in their studies due to the better understanding at home, etc.

3. Absence of cockroaches in the homemade eco-silo which was a problem for my wife, she is terrified of these bugs. (Eco-silo: hole in the soil where kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable peals, food residuals, etc. are placed for decay and during a certain period of time it converts into compost, manure for the plants.)
The cockroaches first appeared strolling around as if they had been receiving insecticides, which was not the case. Later they disappeared completely.

4. Rejuvenation of a Ficus tree in front of my house. The plant had protuberances, small tumors at the branches and you could see that it was sick. When applying the Agnihotra ash they fell entirely on the floor and now the plant shines brilliantly and develops beautifully. And this happened in very little time, less than one month.

5. The happiest experience for me was the recuperation of my Ruda plant. It was dry and ready to be thrown away. I tried to revive her with Agnihotra ash and to my surprise after 2 weeks the color of the dry shaft changed into green and from the buds green leaves are sprouting, which are at the moment 6 mm long. My wife was very surprised since she did not believe in my intend.

I want to express that for me these experiences have been wonderful. Every day when I practice the fire I feel united with all the people who are also doing Agnihotra in that moment. And yes, with this we are healing ourselves.
I give thanks to God for this new opportunity and to the people who spread the discipline of Agnihotra a thousand thanks."

I live in Villa el Salvador, Urb. Pachacamac IV Stage, Lima.
If somebody wants to communicate with me, please feel free to contact me. We are learning every day.

Sincerely with many greetings,
Egberto Oriel"