Eduardo Preciado Urbina
Piura, Peru


  • Peptic Ulcer

  • Addiction

  • Low Weight

"The doctor did an endoscopy and told me I have a peptic ulcer. I had pain day and night for 2 years. But when I started with the practice of the Agnihotra healing fire about 2 months ago, it changed. From the very beginning I found relief, I feel so good like I have not felt in the last 2 years, I do not have any pain. I do the healing Agnihotra fire daily, morning and evenings. I quit smoking and do not even drink any more. I feel very well. I also recovered some body weight.
I noticed also that the practice of this fire has helped to change the coloration of the leaves of the papaya trees. They were yellowish and are now becoming greener and are full of flowers. I live on the farm, do there my fires daily and take the Agnihotra ash."