CARRERA 23 3132
  • Protection

"Since I began three and a half years ago to work with the pyramid of the Homa Therapy I didn't experience any inconveniences. One year later, I stopped with the Agnihotra and I had many problems. I have a son that was searched for (by the guerrilla) and so he came to Manizales. While I was on the farm one afternoon he came to take care of the house. The lady left to run some erons and told him that she would be back by five o'clock. But at a certain point he left the house alone and met with the lady on the toll station. When the lady arrived at the house she found several guys waiting for my son, who had just left some moments before they arrived. This was how he escaped being caught. I believe that it is a miracle, because we have done Agnihotra. They could not get him, they did not see him, they did not catch him the several times they went to the farm and they didn't find him."