Guayaquil - Ecuador


  • Irritable Character

  • Hypersensitive

Feeling of Peace

"I have come to the Homa Therapy three times. In the first healing session I have experienced something very wonderful. I usually have a very moody character, I fire up and calm down quite easily. The day after I had been with Agnihotra I noticed an incredible peace and I had this feeling the whole day. That peace didn't leave me. I returned again to the Homa Therapy and I was invited to stay for meditation. This is what I did. It was something wonderful to feel that tremendous energy of happiness, which seemed to be in the atmosphere. I thought that moment that the initial energy of creation must have been something like that. It was a wonderful experience, it overcame me and I cannot really express it in it's magnitude, but I know that it was something very special. I think that people are not attracted to the fire by chance, but because there is Grace behing it. I told my daughter about it and here she is. I think we do not only have an obligation with ourselves, but with the whole universe and with all the people. I think that everyone who has the possibility to practice Homa Therapy, should think first of themselves, then of their family and then remember all the people on Earth in a way of how to help and regenerate our world so that we can live really happy".