Darwin Vicente Bazurto Carranza
ID# 120 405 8950-9
Parroquia,  October 7th
Street Oct and  "C"
Ph. 755 963
  • Alcoholism
  • Plagues on trees
" I have experienced some good things with Homa Therapy. For example,  I liked to drink a lot but with the help of Homa Therapy I am now drinking less and less. I had a bad temper, but now I am more passive. The Agnihotra ash also keeps me in good health.

In the field, I also observed some changes. For example an avocado tree was full with plagues and had no leaves. I began to treat it with Homa Therapy. I watered it with Agnihotra ash and it rejuvenated completely. Now it has lots of leaves and no more plagues. I also put Agnihotra ash on an 'Arazan' tree, which is now giving good fruits."