Mother of Coraima Torres
  • Tumor
"On the 5th of September this year (2003) my daughter had a little  that began to grow to the size of a lemon and we were told that it was probably cancer and that she should get operated. I came to Dr. Montufar and he treated her with Homa Therapy. First they washed this area with Agnihotra ash water and then applied ghee with Agnihotra ash and covered it with a gauze. From the first moment I brought my daughter to this clinic I knew that she will be fine. Something told me that my girl will improve, and it was this way. Although at the beginning I was very nervous. My daughter continues taking Agnihotra ash and we also attend the Agnihotra fire in the afternoons. My girl likes to sing the Mantras and to participate in the fire called Triambakam."
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"Coraima presented a tumor at the level of the hairy part of the head. The initial diagnosis was that of a wart. But it grew so much that it became the size of a tennis ball. When she arrived here there were only three days missing to the planned operation in the oncological hospital of SOLCA, that is the society fighting against cancer. Her parents then decided to put her with us in Homa treatment.

We calculated at least 16 days for the tumor to diminish but after only eight days the tumor fell off and has not left a sign."