Piura, August 21, 2002.


Dr. Abel Hernandez
Mrs. Aleta Macán
I want to greet you and bring at the same time the educational practices of our Particular School Teresa of Calcutta to your knowledge. We work and experience with Homa Therapy as an important resource. We consider it the most beautiful gift received that has allowed us to perceive the positive changes of our children.

Our school assists children with behavior- and learning problems. The one writing this letter is the director: Marcela Agurto Trelles with ID#: 02779780

I will begin my testimony saying that starting in the month of December 2001 we began to practice the Homa Therapy fires in an irregular  way. But at the end of the month I noticed changes. In the year 2002, I am receiving support with Mrs. Pili Agurto Plata as a teacher of art and at the same time Homa Therapy practitioner.

Our school, always concerned about the child's integral education and wanting to develop the physical, intellectual and spiritual part of the child, we considered it necessary to get involved with Homa Therapy inside our therapies to achieve this goal. We evaluate our educational work bimestrial. In the first one we did not put into practice the attention in these three areas, mainly spirituality and physical attention. We believed it necessary to carry out some adjustments and created the denominated final project as "DEVELOPING THE CHILD'S INTERIOR", which consist in three parts:
Workshop "I love my body"
Workshop "Homa Therapy"
Workshop "Spiritual Awakening of the Child"
All three workshops are held by means of an established chronogram, giving them the same level of importance as are given to the areas of mathematics, communications, English, etc; the type of problems that our children confront are of vital importance.

General information about the school and our children:
Students: Children between 04 and 14 years.
From 1st to 5th degree Primary school.
Both sexes.
Quantity of Children:   35 children.
Quantity of Teachers:  05 teachers for the classroom.
                                      05 teachers for the workshops
                                      01 Language therapist
                                      01 Psychologist.
children are out of control children are calmer and sociable
limited participation can be guided in groups without big problems
spontaneous but without control are spontaneous and calm
adaptation difficult to new situations adapt easily, they are affectionate and docile
very noisy noise is moderate in the school and inside the classroom
high aggressiveness and roughness they are calmer and share with each other.
  they take care of their own person (higher self esteem)
hyperactive children are quiet and more attentive; it is possible to work in groups
perceptual function deficient perceptual function sharpened
low I.Q. higher I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient)
little capacity to express their imagination express it with more ease
limited creativity big creative potential
children are shy and participate very little in activities in front of public children are friendlier, easier going and self secure in front of public
difficulties in structuring language achieve better structuring of language
follow rhythms with difficulties follow rhythms with ease
lack of motor coordination better coordination
behavior problems better behavior
  work with direction, achieving good results
  show concentration in activities
  pay attention and understand
  follow orders without delay
  they relax with painting, singing, acting and dancing
  create their own designs
dispersed attention notable improvement.
communication problems notably improved
respiratory problems notably improved
convulsions have not again occurred.
hyperactive has become manageable
fears mostly eradicated
absence of help for the child from parents little participation of parents
indifference of parents to their child's problems little determination and conscience of their child's problem and solution

In summary, to the date we can say that thanks to the practice of Homa Therapy (even though only applied 50%) we were able to create a favorable atmosphere for our children. Our efforts are beginning to take a direction which truly brings satisfactory results for all. If we are able to give happiness and peace to our children it will reflect in the ones who look at them and the chain will grow.

We thank you for transferring the knowledge of these Homa healing fires and thanks to all those people who join in the effort and practice this discipline for the wellbeing of humanity.

Mrs. Pili with students practicing the Triambakam fire. It is done daily for 15 minutes with each class as part of the school curriculum.

The Agnihotra in the morning and evening is done in the school by teachers, parents and volunteers.

Sending our best regards and a brotherly hug,

Signature and Seal

Director Monica Agurto Trelles