Claudia Agurto
Estudiante en Piura, Peru
Tel. 074-321805


  • Hepatitis

"Sometime ago I woke up with discomfort and I felt no appetite. Then I had nausea at the University and a bitter taste in my mouth. The nurse said that it could be hepatitis. I had liver problems since my childhood. I tried to eat and drink, but I vomited and had stomach pain also. The next day I went to the Homa Therapy session and took ash and massaged my stomach with ash-ghee crème in circular motion. This worked immediately vomited bile and green phlegm. I did not eat for 3 days; I just drank water with Agnihotra ash. The sunrise and the sunset were done daily in my house. At the fourth day I went to school, could eat and felt enthusiastic about the quick healing thanks to the Homa Therapy."