Ave. Arequipa # 572
Piura, Peru


  • Fear

  • Family Realtionship Problems

  • Fungi

  • Economical Worries

"I have been doing the Homa Therapy for over a year non-stop and I have realized, that I am no longer afraid of talking to a group of people as I used to be. I used to be very sentimental and cry for any little thing. Now I am stronger and feel very confident with my actions. The relationship between me and my daughter has improved a great deal, now we show much more love and affection for each other. Before I was very anxious about the bills to be paid. Now I am more relaxed and I always do have the money, which I need to keep up with my debts.
For many years I had some fungi on my finger nails, I was afraid to show my hands. But they are gone now. I really cannot express all the great joy I feel within that comes with the practice of the Homa Therapy fires."