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  • Circulatory system 
  • Intense bone pain 
  • Insomnia 
  • Strong character 
"I attended the fires of Homa Therapy. I had the problem that my hands fell asleep and that I could not sleep the whole night. Starting from midnight, I could not find sleep till 4 in the morning and I had an intense pain in the bones. It was horrible. It could not bend my hands, it felt as if they were sleeping but they were not sleeping, they were heavy. I cried, because I did not know what to do; I put my hands in hot water, rubbed them with menthol and tried so many things but it did not remove the pain. 

Then I went to a doctor for a checkup. They made many exams, but at the end I was told that all was well. Then I was told, that it was the cold; I feel cold quickly and for that reason I always like to be well covered. I also thought that it could be that. Then one day my husband told me about the Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra fire and he invited me to attend it. 
I began to use the ash of the Agnihotra fire and attend the healing fires and before I knew I was healed. Now I can sleep at night. On the first day with the fire I felt an improvement, the second day a little more until I did not have any more pain. 

Now I also feel calm inside. My character was very strong, a minimum thing and I came up as beer, like the saying is. For example when I had to cook and I dropped a spoon, I no longer cooked, and I kicked and became hysterical. My husband always told me: Calm down, calm down. But even with his help I was not able to calm down, on the contrary I became more furious and disturbed. Since I practice Homa Therapy I am no longer this way, I do my things peacefully. I no longer fight, before I fought for any reason but now I am a better and calmer person thanks to Homa Therapy".