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  • Personal Crisis
  • Cerebral Emboly
  • Psoriasis
"I am practicing the Homa Therapy fires since many years and it arrived in my life exactly when I was going through a very big personal crisis. I was separating from the father of my children. When I started practicing the Agnihotra fire, everything became accelerated. Something like a contraction and then acceleration of everything (all possible things happened to me in a few years). Now I know that it accelerates our Karma. In the beginning many sad things happened which I considered as painful and I asked myself 'why?' If I am trying to heal myself, my home, the atmosphere, my mind, then why are all these heavy things happening? In that moment I felt like that. But because divinity acts through the fires, I passed quickly through all these painful stages and at the end I received other, more beautiful stages and gifts like this being beside me, which I love and appreciate very much. He has become a very special being to me and our life is wonderful now, it is beautiful. Now I understand why I had to pass through the stage of suffering, I had to purify and heal myself in mind and heart. We open up with these healing fires to another dimension, to another time. We become also more understanding with others, it is like the house of understanding opens up. It is very beautiful to work with this. 

We have this wonderful being amongst us, the Teacher Vasant and He is working with the Homa Fires on this planet since over 30 years. I am glad that you, the Peruvians have been the ones to receive and take the Homa Therapy and experience its benefits on so many levels. The Ministry of Agriculture is supporting the Homa Therapy practice in the country with the help of the universities and agricultural engineers. All work is done in an official way through governmental programs. Work is being done in the Amazons and in the north of Peru.

I want to add something to the healing testimonies through Homa Therapy because also for me it has been a big experience to see how people have been healed with the simple practice of the fires. I have a cousin who has a little daughter. At that time she was newlywed and happened to suffer from a cerebral emboly, which left her unconscious, just like a vegetable. We began to visit her in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital and we massaged her feet. She continued in the same state, the diagnosis was serious - she would die. Then we began to visit her continually. Finally she was improving and it was a miracle. The doctor from the hospital who was treating her said that it was impossible that she would improve, she was a vegetable and she would die this way. 
Now she still limps with one leg, but speaks perfectly, understands perfectly, and she lives alone with the daughter leading a normal life. She has self-worth. She calls herself Catalina Pacheco, is 38 years old and this happened 7 years ago. We did Agnihotra fires in their house. She was sitting in a wheelchair and sang the Mantras with us. We also made the Vyahruti Homa and the Triambakam Homa and we gave her Agnihotra ash. To our own surprise she began to move and to walk and the mouth that had been twisted and she had not been able to speak, began to straighten up and she began to speak, fluently and she returned this way to life with happiness and strength. She took responsibility over her daughter. This was something with a big impact. She had been for four months in that vegetable state and we began to visit her and treat her with Homa-Therapy after two months of being interned in the hospital. 

Another Case - My neighbor's body was full with psoriasis, his arms and his chest looked like one wound. We made the Agnihotra fire and we administered him the cream that is made of ghee and Agnihotra ash. Every day he anointed it with lots of faith. He is a 77 year-old North American gentleman and we thought that he might not take this treatment seriously. But all we taught and told him, he did it. He also took the ash orally and improved quickly in two to three weeks.

Of course we should remember that the complete treatment is the execution of the Agnihotra fires at sunrise and sunset and the consumption of the Agnihotra ash, also an external application of the Agnihotra cream is necessary if there is a problem with the skin, articulations, etc. inhaling the smoke of the healing Homa fires with breathing problems, etc."