Catalina Ruiz Incopa of Guevara
Donatelo 309
San Borja, Lima, Peru
Telephone: 476-9229


  • Back pain
  • Strokes
  • Gastritis
  • Depression
"I was Nutritionist and I am 73 years old. My son is a Dentist and because of all the bending, he suffered from back pains; he passed by here at the Homa center, but stayed in the back of the room and only with the smoke of Agnihotra he felt like he had received a treatment. So he told me to visit the Homa Therapy since I have had recently 2 strokes, I felt dizzy and my face was distorted.

The first day that I came, I felt that the smoke was for me. I received some Agnihotra ash and when I was leaving the hospital I told myself 'Oh, I want to hug somebody, I have to do something for others'. I felt a tremendous love left my chest. Being late in the evening, I arrived at the copy store and wanted to make photocopies of the Homa pamphlet I had received for all of my friends. The store was closing and I could not walk alone since I had problems keeping the balance, but I bent over and entered quickly before they lowered the door. I don't know how I was able to bend over without loosing balance. I requested 40 copies.

With the strokes I was for 7 months in the American clinic; they did all possible treatments, including the hyperbaric chamber, that was the last thing, after taking topographies, EEG's, x-rays but my health did not improve.
I am diabetic and taking all these medicines I became gastritis, then I had to take remedies for the gastritis and also remedies to have stability. I could not move, I felt that my head had a weight as if it was of irons. Now I am very much recovered and I take the Agnihotra ash.

My husband has been a cardiologist and when our grandchild suddenly died and one year later the father of the child, my husband fell into depression. He fell into a deep depression, in spite of being a medical doctor. I told him to come with me to the Homa Therapy and he said "no, I do not believe in those kind of things, I don't go". Then silently I made a plot with our employee and when he takes his very thick oat meal with lots of fruits twice a day, we mix it with Agnihotra ash. Since then he calls us and asks us "at what time do you leave for the healing fires?" and "why don't you go? " when sometimes for certain reasons I cannot attend the fires. It seems that the ash makes him more loving. I see that the Agnihotra ash is having its effects. My husband was an eminent cardiologist, Sub Director of the Military Hospital and the first one to establish the Institute of Cardiology in Peru for heart emergencies in the Military Hospital. Now my husband this very well and he participates in the Homa Therapy."