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  • Diabetic foot
"I work since 1969 on a banana plantation. Approximately eleven years ago my diabetes started. I received medical treatment and my diet was very rigid. I became very thin and almost blind. I continued working responsibly. In my job I have to walk a lot, because the area of one of the farms is 600 hectares and the other one has 200 hectares. I was working hard. One day I got a bustle on my toe which converted into a wound; I did not pay much attention to this, thinking that it was just a blister. Then I got another one on another toe. The time passed but the wounds did not heal. I took many antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. The wound began to swell and became infected. To make it short I ended up with a perforated foot from the plant up to the superior part of the foot. Then I was hospitalized for 70 days. The first weeks the doctors prescribed me medication, but later on I only received some syrup. I was afraid because several patients with diabetes ended up having their legs amputated in spite of having only small wounds.
My leg had turned already black and the doctors did want to amputate. But thanks to the benefits of Homa Therapy my leg was saved and I am very well now."

Dr. Montufar treats the wound with Homa-method

With the Homa-treatment the wound became very small. The foot is free of swellings and edemas.

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"I am a medical surgeon since eleven years. Since two and a half years I know and work with Homa Therapy. My patient Carol arrived here after seventy three days of treatment in a public hospital. He has suffered from a "diabetic foot". Now he has improved approximately 90% in relation to when he arrived as patient here in our medical assistance center. He is a diabetic patient with a glucose of not more than 170, but because his defense levels had lowered so much, a virus began to attack its foot and to eat up a great part of the skin and the main muscles and made a deep hole. We can see that the tissue has regenerated with the Homa treatment. In only three weeks he has recovered and such a quick evolution is unsuspected for a diabetic foot. The coloration of the foot is now completely different. If you compare the coloration of his arm with the coloration of his foot - now they are the same. When the patient arrived his foot was black, dark because of lack of circulation. The only thing that is black now is the Agnihotra cream; this is what has helped him. The patient is not injecting insulin, neither is he taking other medication. The only pills he takes are the Homa Vida pills which are Agnihotra ash pills.
First we cleaned the wound and cut out the dead tissue and then only we apply Agnihotra ash with liquid panela (pure sugar cane), heated over a candle (a temperature not very high) using a well disinfected tablespoon. That has produced this effect that you can see now. There are no longer bacteria because the ash of Agnihotra eliminates the pathogenic bacteria it acts like a disinfectant, the foot is no longer swollen, there is edema and the patient has no fever. He can feel some pain, because now there is blood circulation. Let us say that his foot has recovered 90 %, we lack 10%. This is now also a matter of the patient. The patient practices one hour of Triambakam daily and does the Agnihotra fire at sunset with us. He still does not have his own pyramid, so we lend him one for the sunset fire. He takes 3 Agnihotra ash pills (or 3 teaspoons of Agnihotra ash) before each meal.
Dr. J. G. of the hospital Luis Bernasa already wanted to amputate the foot because there was no improvement in the reestablishment of the circulation. Since the patient was terrified about the amputation he requested to leave the hospital. Through his neighbor, Ms.Cecibel Avilez, who helps me here in our medical center, he arrived and now his circulation in the food is reestablished. The first two weeks he received the panela - Agnihotra ash treatment. After that we apply ghee (clarified cows butter without salt) with the Agnihotra ash, because we consider this a better vehicle for circulation and for the reestablishment of the skin in the foot."