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  • Severe Burn 
  • Deep Wound
"I practice the Homa fires since 17 years in the place where I live and I have had many experiences with the fire and the Agnihotra ash. I work in the area of health and because of that I see many patients. I have had lots of cases where I have applied the Agnihotra ash directly with lots of success. 
A personal testimony I want to share happened a long time ago. In between the hurry of the final preparations for a trip to the exterior and a storm that made it impossible to leave house, a pot full with hot oil that I had set up for frying, skipped and the hot oil ran over my right hand. It was an enormous quantity of oil and I thought that it was the worst thing that could have happened. My hand changed into all kinds of colors and in that moment it was time to prove my faith in the Agnihotra ash, which I had given to so many others. I could not leave the house, so I put my hand in a clay pot filled with the ash of many Agnihotra fires and spent the whole night like that. Once in a while I took the hand out and when the pain came back, I put the hand right back in. Like this I passed the night and decided the next morning not to go to the hospital, and not to receive any type of treatment, because I knew that they would carry out a surgical cleaning. I had worked in the area of burns and knew all about the treatment I would receive. I wanted to leave in two days to Switzerland and stay for two months and everything was ready. So I left with a package of Agnihotra ash and my hand wrapped in many gauzes with lots of ash. I spent the two months this way, renewing only the bandage with the ash, without cleaning. To my surprise, after going through the stage of blisters and waters that left, the hand was healing and never became infected. This way it was drying off and when I returned from my trip, two months later, the skin on my hand was smooth and there was no scar. I didn't have any mobility problem with the fingers although I had suffered a severe burn of second degree that could probably have left sequel using conventional medicine. But my hand, like you can see, is without any problem, even in between the fingers where the skin is more delicate. All this was a single blister. I didn't use any sedatives neither any type of disinfectant. I did not even clean the area, neither take out the remains, but rather kept it the way it was. The truth was that I could only leave it the way it was or suspend the trip. I asked God with all my faith to collaborate and help me to get out of this situation. And He did.
Another personal example of healing:
One day in an accident I made myself a deep wound in the foot which needed suture. I lived in the country and went to the next hospital, but there was nobody who could do the suture and so they only covered the wound with gauze. The following day I took off the gauze and put Agnihotra ash on the wound. Something amusing happened: after the healing a black line remained in the skin because of all the Agnihotra ash I put inside. The skin is perfectly closed and although I wanted to clean it I cannot. This deep wound I made myself crossing and rubbing my legs and not knowing that a big nail stuck in the sole of the shoe."