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  • Hemorrhages
  • Alcoholism
"I had an abundant menstruation and little by little it became more progressive. It increased and increased and I could no longer stand up without fearing that the flow would rush out. In the first three days of my menstruation I could not go to work, I felt very tired. I consulted the doctor and was told to have my uterus operated, because it was too big and therefore produced the hemorrhage. I sincerely was fearful to have that surgery done. By coincidence I read in the newspaper about a conference of alternative healing methods. This was in July 2002. What impacted me the most of all the different methods that were presented, was the Therapy of the healing Homa fires and from the first day that I participated I slept well. I was in the final days of my period and that evening after the Homa fires, when I arrived home, I slept for twelve hours. I also found out that the Therapy with the healing fires would continue here in Guayaquil and I participated every day of the week and took the Agnihotra ash. The following month already I did the fires in my home and I didn't menstruate until the third month and then it came in a normal way for three to four days. All this I told the doctor who was surprised because under his treatment and control the hemorrhage had continued. The period passes normally now and I am no longer afraid neither fearful. I can use simple hygienic pads and I don't need to use the diapers, which I had to before. Now I wait for the time to pass, because in January, after six months the doctor will do another examination. I am also in the menopause, so sometimes I menstruate other times not, but I feel active and I can walk and go anywhere without problems, the hemorrhage has disappeared. 
Another interesting thing has happened through the practice of Homa Therapy. I live in a building in the 6 floor and have a neighbor in the 4 floor which is lieutenant of the marine and every weekend he used to drink a lot of alcohol. He made uproar, threw the bottles and glasses from the balcony, which was dangerous for people that happened to pass by walking or in a car. Since I began to carry out the Homa fires in my apartment I noticed that this behavior came to an end. The other day the guard of the building commented "Misses, the lieutenant no longer throws the bottles, neither the glasses, and in the corner people do not meet to drink either." These People listened to music in a very strong and loud way which didn't allow us to fall asleep and they also used a vile vocabulary; but all that has disappeared. Now the neighborhood is very calm, thanks God."