Carmen Cavero Gonzales
Lima, Per
phone: 51- 1-566 4186
  • Toothache
  • Arthritis

"I am a nurse. I work in the emergency hospital "Grau" of the social security. I am practicing Homa Therapy since approximately nine months and truly for me it is a great blessing sent by God.
In my person I have achieved many changes. At the personal level and also regarding my health. In a trip to the city of Ayacucho I supported Mr. Victor Arones, who is a promoter of HOMA Therapy in the Home for Elders in the city. We shared the AGNIHOTRA during approximately 40 days and the old people there obtained many benefits. At present they are continuing doing the Agnihotra fire 2 times a week on Mondays and Thursdays. We have observed and seen many changes, we have many testimonies.
Among them that of Mrs. Ida, a patient with diabetes problem and hemorrhages problem and due to that they could not extract a tooth. The patient, an older lady had even come to the city of Lima for a checkup and for the denture extraction. They did look at her, but were not able to extract her tooth. Then with all the pain that a toothache brings she returned to Ayacucho. She participated in the Homa Therapy sessions and she told us that on day during dinner she suddenly felt something hard in her mouth. Since the food was soft, a chicken soup, nothing with bones, she wondered. Then she saw that it was the tooth. It had dropped without pain and without hemorrhage (strong bleeding).
In the same simple way we have Mrs. Maria's testimony. She told us about her arthritic pain in the legs that it didn't allow her to walk fast. After being with HOMA Therapy, one day she needed to go quickly to the tribunal and she began to run and run and she asked herself 'What is happening to me? Why can I walk so quickly now?' She realized that HOMA Therapy also worked a miracle with her, as the old people like to say.
For this reason I want to take advantage of this opportunity and invite everybody to come. Come! You will experience great satisfaction through HOMA Therapy. Thank you."