Carlos Alberto Quiñones
Las Minas de Baruta
Caracas, Venezuela
Telephone: 945 8606
  • Stomach pain
"My name is Carlos, I am almost 12 years old and I live in Caracas. I know Agnihotra since I was 5. I learned it in La Guaira with my aunt Marie Fuentes. I like the fire because it helps other people and it also helps to cure the atmosphere of the earth.
I had several times pain in the belly, but when my aunt gave me the Agnihotra ash, the pain disappeared completely.
When I sleep in my aunt's house, I love to get up to sing the 4 and 5 o'clock Mantras in the morning. I also do the Tryambakam fire and Mantra on full moons and new moons. The maximum time I did it was 5 hours in a row. I feel well and happy.
I wish that all children practice the fire to help the earth."