Blanca Perez Cabanillas
Lima, Peru
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
"My name is Blanca Perez Cabanillas. I study translation in the University Ricardo Palma. I know Homa Therapy since the year 2003. I must admit that after 3 days of practicing the AGNIHOTRA fire I experienced changes in my life style.
I started smoking and drinking alcohol with the age of 16 and with the time these bad habits got worse. So much that I smoked every day and drank every weekend.  However, thanks to my consistency with the practice of the ayurvedic healing fires, it was so easy to leave all this behind. The desire to smoke vanished and the drinks were no longer a means for fun and happiness.  
I am very grateful to these fires, they not only helped me to get rid of my most dangerous habits, but also help me to sleep profoundly."