Bertha Albisuri
Salaverry Residence
Jesus Marķa, Lima, Peru
Telephone: 372 7442
Age: 54 years


  • Gastritis
  • Insomnia
"With the practice of Homa Therapy, the gastritis disappeared; I had it for about two years; I have been operated and taking so many medicines my stomach was swollen and I felt a knot where the stomach starts. This is gone now, I no longer have problems. Then, now I sleep very well. I have never been able to sleep , but now I feel sleepy. In the mornings I got up at 5:30 a.m. without alarm clock and now I use an alarm clock. One day my granddaughter missed school because I overslept.
I am very calm, very relaxed. When certain situations come up at home with the bigger children, I take things now with more tranquility, without any alteration.
My granddaughter Frassire also suffered from gastritis and with Homa Therapy and the use of Agnihotra ash this has gotten better. Still not completely, although there was a time when it had disappeared completely. It seems that she misses her mother and that makes her a little nervous, but Homa Therapy has also been helping with that. She sleeps now very well with taking Agnihotra ash twice daily.
When I stop to come to the Homa Therapy sessions, I lack something, because I still do not practice the fires at home, although I should. But thanks to Homa Therapy all is well."