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"I am a therapist and worked in Bogotá. I am practicing the Homa Therapy fires since approximately nine years and I have been able to observe its harmonizing effect. My apartment in Bogotá was very harmonious with the fires. When I decided to leave Bogota and to live to Villavicencio I had to sell the apartment. I did not even put a sign or add in the newspaper, neither in my window, but simply told a neighbor, who is owner of a store. She informed me that some people were interested. There were five people and allof them had the possibility to purchase it and then things went very quick. The people arrived at the house and commented that there is something charming, that one can breathe a lot of peace. I didn't really observe it at the time, only when I was already in Villavicencio I began to realize the harmony that had been in my apartment.
When I arrived in Villavicencio I spoke to my sister-in-law about Homa Therapy and the wonders it does on plants. I always had plants, I use the Agnihotra ash and I never apply insecticides neither pesticides and they are very pretty. Even some plants of cold climate grow here in Villavicencio, where it is hot. I told my sister-in-law all these things of kindness that Homa Therapy holds in store for us. She was getting ready at that time for a " cateterismo". I gave her the Homa Therapy book and she read it. Soon after that she asked me to get her a pyramid and she began to practice the Agnihotra fire at sunrise and sunset. The morning the "cateterismo" was programmed, she left to Bogotá and an ecography was done. Then she returned and continued with the Homa Therapy. One year later she returned for another medical checkup to the same clinic. The doctor took the ecography and commented: Mrs. how come that an ecography was made and you are being treated for "cateterismo", you don't have anything, I do not see anything here. The guy who made the ecography was very silly. She told me that she laughed, because the doctor who had taken the previous ecography was the same who was saying this and she told him: It was you yourself who did it.
Another very interesting case happened in Casillas. One day the guerrilla entered and did some damage. They went to the bank and could not steal the money because it was locked up and not even the dynamite could blow up the safe. The police realized their arrival. The commander organized the police but since there were a hundred guerillas fighters and only twenty policemen they did not give any resistance. The commander wisely dispersed his people. The guerillas fighters were frustrated and they began to give warning shoots into the air that means that the people have to abandon the town within a short time, otherwise they will be killed.
Suddenly a small girl, the professor's daughter (they practice Agnihotra) said: dad, let us do the Om Triambakam fire. They took the pyramid and the whole family gathered for the Triambakam. The guerrilla did not enter Casillas and nobody can explain the reason why. They had weapons and they could have done it. Something happened and they desisted and from that day on the guerilla has not made the intent of entering the town again.
There are several people now that regularly practice the Homa fires and they have had many experiences in this respect. One of those persons practicing the Agnihotra fire had some children involved in drugs, but soon after they started with Homa Therapy, thanks God they left it.
If you talk to people who do Agnihotra, they tell you that everything has changed to the better. That everything is more harmonious, that there is happiness inside and that their form of thinking has become different.
I live with my daughter and my son-in-law and my three grandchildren. They love to eat the Agnihotra ash. Before leaving the house they request ash. They are healthy children, they hardly get sick, and only visit the doctor for control.
Here, where I live we talk about the good things and the Agnihotra group has already gotten bigger, we are around twenty people now.
The doctor, who treated me, commented about a case of AIDS. The person was losing a lot of weight and he did not know how to increase his defense mechanism. I gave him the tip with the Agnihotra ash. The patient was indicated to take Agnihotra ash capsules which I prepare. The Agnihotra ash medicine is always given for free, nobody has to pay for it. Later the patient stabilized his weight and in the following appointment had even gained weight. I made more capsules so he could continue taking them. For the time being I am not updated about this patient."