Ana-Claudia Zapata
Felipe Cossio de Pomar Y3L22
Piura, Peru
Tel. 341623

My History

"I am 12 years old, I have my own pyramid and I practice Agnihotra and Tryambakam for almost 2 years. I feel very good, I am an excellent student, a wonderful daughter, like my mother says and I am very happy. I wish that more of the world knew about Homa Therapy.
Since I began with the Homa Therapy many beautiful episodes have happened in my life.
First I began to make the fires with my pyramid. Then, when I went on vacation to the house of my grandparents in Chulucanas I did the fires there. And I noticed that when I gave Agnihotra ash to my grandfather, he didn't send me to buy cigarettes and it even happened sometimes that he stayed at home and didn't leave to play casino in the club.
Usually I had to get him cigarettes every day and he went to the club to play daily.
I gave him the Agnihotra ash with his coffee every day, so he could get cured. He did not want to take the ash just like that.
We were visiting a lady that suffered of cerebral problems. One could not speak with her, because she didn't react, she only looked. We visited her every other day and we made the Agnihotra fire in her house. And in a few days we asked her: "Lucy, how are you?" "Well, I am well, I am much calmer now" she told us and conversed with us.
My friends saw me with the Yantram and I told them that I and Solange, my girl friend, practice the Homa-Therapy and we invited them so that they also attend the Agnihotra, because it makes everybody feel well.
I have cured myself from colds and flues without the necessity to take pills.
On my shoulders I had some rebellious white stains, which I treated with Agnihotra ash and ghee and they are disappearing."