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Piura, Peru
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  • wound in the mouth

  • addiction to cigarettes

  • financial worries

"I learned about Homa Therapy on TV. The first time I arrived a little late to the Agnihotra fire, but I received some of the healing ash. I had a wound in my mouth, while eating I had bit my lips hard. After 2 days of ash treatment I got healed. At the fourth day I got the pyramid and started the Agnihotra fire at home. My husband did slow down the smoking. He said: "It is kind of funny, you do the fires and I really feel happy."
I am so happy because he was smoking for 25 years about one and a half to two packages daily, now the most is 3 cigarettes per day. When I did not buy the cigarettes along with the bread first thing in the morning, he would give me a hard day. Thanks to the Agnihotra fire things changed!
I also had menstrual problems with cramps and irregularity in the cycle. After 4 month of practicing Agnihotra, my cycle is regular and also the cramps are getting less each time. My life has change so much for the better; I did not like to live in Piura and I was crying a lot. Now, I am so grateful I can live here and share the Agnihotra fire with so many new friends.

This year (2000) in the month of May I had to travel to Lima for voting. Of course I took my pyramid with me, so I can do the fires wherever I am. In Lima ,I rented a friend's apartment, and as she told me, that the apartment had brought her bad luck and she had not rented it for a long time. I did the fires during my stay and then left to return home to Piura. Some months later when I had to travel again to Lima I talked with my friend again to see if I could have the apartment. But very happily she told me that she is renting the apartment to very nice people and no longer has any problems."