45 years old mother of 4 children (27, 16, 14 & 25 years old)
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  • Down Syndrome
"My 25 year old daughter has Down Syndrome. A friend told me about Homa Therapy and only from the comments she made, I felt that this was one more path shown by God, to help my daughter. I practice with her continuously Homa Therapy and I have observed a complete change in my daughter. Specially her language and her behavior have improved. Each time she gets more independent and leads a more satisfying social life. She is very good with what she does and she has taken interest in Homa Therapy and truly has a lot of faith in it.
I am observing her changes and know that she can achieve even more. She can lead a more independent live, she can improve her life. Because it is true that no one lives forever, we are not eternal beings. I will not be always at her side. But if I can achieve that she can become more independent, she will live a better life. I can see that Homa Therapy does work.
There have also been changes in the entire family. All this is a Blessing from the Divine.  With my other children I have seen that they are more dedicated with their homework, they are more obedient, we are more communicative and more united. This is also the case with my husband. I do Agnihotra strictly because of my daughter and that has united us more.   We practice Homa Therapy since 1 1/2 years and everyone in the family takes the Agnihotra ash."