Alicia Montoya
Av. Arenales 483
Lima, Peru
Telephone: 431-4278


  • Arthritis
  • Pains
  • Insomnia
  • Incontinence
"I am 58 years old. I suffered from pains in the hip, in the knee and in the shoulders for 2 years because of arthritis. I could not cross my legs and the doctor prohibited me to do this. It could not walk stairways, not even with very low steps and he even recommended to put some rails in the passage of our house so that I could hold on to it and not fall. Since I am attending Homa Therapy, the pains have calmed down and I can cross my legs.
I suffered from a neuropathy in the left leg that didn't allow me to sleep. I tried to go to bed as late as possible, I stayed up till 1 or 2 am in order to find a few hours of sleep, and this in spite of taking pills. Since I am here with the healing fires, I have stopped taking medicines and I feel well; Also the rigidity in the neck is gone. I still have a little pain, but I think that continuing Homa Therapy will bring improvement. I could not kneel down and I could not do many things which I can now.
I am diabetic. I have had this illness for ten years. I came to Homa Therapy through Dr. Cotillo's invitation. My sugar level was always very high. It didn't below 270-300 and I took around 350 pills monthly. When I started with Homa Therapy I followed the treatment and took Agnihotra ash. The blood sugar test prior to my beginning with Homa Therapy was 278 and the doctor warned me that in the following month, if I didn't lower that level, she will begin with the Insulin treatment. I begged her to give me another opportunity and I promised to continue taking the medicines exactly the way prescribed.
But then I did something that can be called madness, because I did the opposite. I stopped to take the medicines and I ate sweets and chocolates. I told myself that with the next exam I would be set on the Insulin treatment.
I went with fear to take the tests, but "Oh surprise!" my glucose level was 120 and I had stopped taking some pills, I took around 200 pills less per month.
The following month I insisted on more chocolates, more candies and cakes. I told the doctors of Homa Therapy what had happened with my blood sugar level, but I did not tell them that I had stopped with most of the medication.
The following month another test was de and the level was 110. There I was already convinced that this Homa Therapy works wonderful and for that reason I would like to invite everybody to attend the healing fires and take the Agnihotra ash. That will not only help for any symptom of physical illness but also emotionally. I suffered of tachycardia and that also has disappeared. I had a strong gastritis, I don't have it any more. I could not sleep, I got up three to four times to walk because of the problem with my leg. The pains were very strong, specially at dawn. Now I sleep well, I sleep my hours. I get up with energy, with the desire of doing my things, which before I didn't have.

Apart from that, I came to the Homa Therapy mainly for my mother. She suffered from senile insanity and incontinence. Wee didn't know what to do, because caught us by surprise and now she is also improving; I have brought her to the Homa session and I give her Agnihotra ash. She no longer wets the bed and is more lucid. Before she was very lost, she didn't have desires to see television, or go shopping or take a walk outside. The first time I took her to the Center for older people for the Homa Therapy. That day was my nephew's birthday and my mother has been up till 3 am. My sister and others tell me that my mother is so lucid now. Recently I talked on the phone with her and she told me that she no longer urinates in the bed. My mother is 79 years old.

I am happy, I thank God and the doctors that have given us the opportunity to attend and learn this Homa Therapy free of charge."