Mrs. Alessandra 
Telephone: 238 3764 


  • Migraine 
  • Emotional problems 
"I came through my sister's friend, who has attended a Homa Therapy session. 
I am going through many strong emotional problems and I have headaches; the migraines have returned and I had two days with strong pains. 
While participating in the Agnihotra fire, just in the moment of relaxation, I felt clearly that some weight was taken off me. After the relaxation I opened my eyes and besides feeling a complete relief, I saw a very fine light and I thought that a new day was dawning. I was very calm and peaceful. Later, at home, the communication with my family was harmonic and I slept placidly. The following day ,the pain still persisted a little and again I attended the Homa-Therapy and this time the pain disappeared completely. I have become emotionally more settled; at least now I do the things with more calm, my thoughts are clearer, I am alleviated and different. If the comparison fits, it feels as if I have been born again, as if I begin to live new experiences. I begin to admire nature, and I appreciate things and people more."