Kra. 11 # 40-35
Pereira, Colombia
Telephone: 336 2106
  • Back pain
  • Insomnia
  • Acne
  • Bad Temper

"I had a very strong back pain, but since I take the Agnihotra ash and use a Yantram it has calmed down a lot. I could not bend over, if I sat down then I could not get up again. Now I am well and the pain has disappeared to 99%. I had this ailment for the last two months and it started when I once bent over and from then on I was stiff. Since I come to the Homa Therapy fires everything is well."

I also have a sister that suffers of insomnia, she hardly sleeps. Recently I was telling her about Homa Therapy, I gave her some ash with all my faith and she is telling me that she is taking it and that she is sleeping too well, and is very happy about that.

My mother also takes the Agnihotra ash and I will give her a massage with the Agnihotra ash and ghee, to see if this also serves her.
At home we do the Agnihotra fires in the mornings and in the evening, every day. We are very happy that we have experienced an energy change for the better, even our employee is happy. This girl suffered of acne and now with the Homa treatment she is very well. I apply her Agnihotra cream (ash with ghee) and she is happy. Now her face shows satisfaction, although she takes the Homa medicines just for some few days. Before she felt very down.

Also everyone has noticed the change in my husband. Jorge has always been a very temperamental person, in moments least expected he could show a terrible genius and throw things around. Now he has calmed down and is much more accessible. He did not listen to anybody, things had to be done only his way. He would not allow anyone to see things differently. Now he is no longer this way, he has changed. Hopefully he can overcome all his weaknesses, because we love him very much, but he definitely has his terrible minutes. They are minutes and later on he excuses himself and apologizes for everything. But it is a terrible problem because not everyone can tolerate it. He has been telling people how good he feels. Thanks God.