What is needed to practice Homa Therapy in your home?

Simply, start doing Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset. It is so easy that a small child or someone without education can learn it quickly.
Following are the materials needed:

1) copper pyramid of a prescribed size
2) dried cow dung patties
3) clarified unsalted cow's butter (ghee)
4) integral rice (unbroken grains)
5) timetable for your place (is sent free of charge)
6) a watch showing hour, minutes and seconds (check your watch on radio)
7) matches (no lighters)
8) instructive Homa Therapy tape with Mantras

Look in the "links" section for the closest place where to order the materials. You are welcome to contact us any time for further assistance. The teaching is always free of charge.
e-mail: terapiahoma@yahoo.com  
Phone:  Piura, Peru 51 - 74 -307289 and Lima, Peru 51-1 241 7645
Remember: there is a difference doing AGNIHOTRA in your home or doing HOMA THERAPY on a farm. HOMA THERAPY on a farm involves the preparation of a HOMA RESONANCE POINT. Trained HOMA personal will assist in the setup and activation.