Urb. Los Ficus  Mza.G - Lote 14
Piura, Peru
Teléfono (074) 351209 
D.N.I. 02651854 


  • Neckache

  • Insomnia

  • Family Problems

  • Addiction

"Since 1994 I was suffering with pain in my neck. It got to a point, where I was told to have complete rest in bed. And I would have to take pills in order to be able to sleep. Then I heard about Homa Therapy, when I interviewed Dr. Abel Hernandez about Homa Therapy for TV. As soon as I started the practice of Homa Therapy I could sleep better, without sleeping pills and the pain went away. 
I had a very difficult personality, I was perfectionist and expecting everyone to be perfect. So there were continuous fights at home, with my brothers and friends. But there has been now a radical change in me. I am now more sensitive to people and surroundings and I appreciate everyone. 
I also noticed that we have stopped drinking completely at home and even my brother, who is visiting from time to time has stopped this habit too. Along with this change,his violence has decreased remarkably."