I am Peruvian, I am a graduate in business administration.
When I traveled to Canete, recommended by Master Vasant, to develop a cotton project in the south, I found an important space in the Public Technological Superior Institute of Canete for the campaign 1999-2000. We worked an area of 40has, but out of the 40has a lot of 2 has was assigned where we could apply 100% HOMA Therapy with organic production. The rest of the area was treated as a Witness of agrochemical production. The results that were obtained at the end of the project showed that the production with Homa Therapy was 35 % higher than with the use of agro chemicals, the production cost was 28 % lower and we can say that for each sol (dollar) that was invested in the treatment with Therapy HOMA, more than 1 sol (dollar) of utility was obtained.
In the chemical treatment, the fact was, that for each invested sol (dollar) they only received 30 cents of sol (dollar), they didn't achieve more...
The health aspect was also impressive, like the Engineer Pajuelo says. From the beginning the HOMA cotton grew very strong, the natural predators appeared such abundance that people from the Potato Investigation Center came to gather them, since there was a variety of insects predators that did not exist in the Valley, but which were found in that moment in the property where we worked.
We sowed the Homa cotton 15 days later than the area with the agro chemical cotton was sewed, but at the end of the campaign, we harvest at the same time and with results that we are commenting now. What was observed, the form how HOMA Therapy works is that it begins to propitiate the surrounding so that the natural predators can develop and then they eat the insects, which convert into plagues surpassing a certain number. Therefore with HOMA Therapy the plant reproduces very well, although when the analysis were made no important elements were found that assure a good quality fiber, not in the HOMA area and not in the area with agro chemicals. At that time a phenomenon called "cremosity" occurred, the cotton had stains, a problem of temperature and the "Nina" effect. The HOMA cotton had an extraordinary shine, much more than normal. These factors are quantified according to the values of the computerized HVI test. The fiber HOMA had the normal size and did not have a trace of "cremosity". In the area with agro chemicals however the cotton presented all the opacity of this phenomenon. Then, in spite of missing some elements through the HOMA treatment like the engineers stated, the plants treated with HOMA Therapy produced better fiber with normal length and with a superior resistance, which allows at the time of spinning for better garments. And the shine of the cotton balls was so evident, that when walking along the fields one realized where the HOMA cotton and where the chemical cotton was. All that was recorded.
That it is my experience. For me to work with Therapy HOMA has been the most wonderful thing that there is and it is the natural way of life. Thank you.