I began with Homa Therapy 3 years ago, in the year 2001. Then I was the Director of the Ministry of Agriculture here in the department of Piura. Dr. Abel Hernandez invited me to a field trip to see a Homa project in San Lorenzo and I got curious about it. I was supported by some farmers of Tamarind, who wanted me to see if this was something like a pilot project and they could apply this therapy also on their farms.
I am now applying Homa Therapy since 3 years. Here we do the Agnihotra fires, the fires of Tryambakam and the 24 hours Tryambakam at full moon and new moon days. We have one person dedicated exclusively to Homa Therapy. We produce the Agnihotra ash which we apply in foliar form with the Biol. We prepare Biol, it is here in the back, not exactly the Homa Biol, but a Biol reinforced with Agnihotra ash and we have compost that we energize with Tryambakam ash.
First, when I started with Homa Therapy, the cultivation was suffering a lot, not only because of the phenomenon of the "El nio" which left us sequels in 98, but also from the lack of money here in Piura. This is a situation affecting the whole country.

When I began with Homa Therapy, things began to change. I always had a lot of dedication and in the 2nd year I saw surprising results. The harvest duplicated year to year and now, as you can see, we have a promising harvest for December, January and February. The importance of Homa Therapy lies in its HEALTHINESS. The health situation in the mango cultivation here in this farm is quite surprising. I do not have any type of plagues and more so, this year has been quite difficult due to climatic variation in the San Lorenzo valley. A lot of fruits fell down, but not so here. You can see yourselves that there are lots of fruits. The experience I have here, without applying chemical fertilizers, is a completely healthy plantation and the incredible fragrance of Homa Therapy.

After this conference, walk in the fields you will realize the high production. Thank you and Welcome!...

We had a treadmill project here before the Master came. The water was salty and when the Master came and saw the plan of the land, he asked me where the well, the treadmill is and I told him where and then he put his finger there... later I began to test the water of that well and it was completely sweet. We are using the water of that well because the water is excellent.