My specialty is biochemistry, I am an ecologist.
During these last years, we were working with the Ministry of Presidency of the Republic of Peru. We were given areas of extreme toxicity due to the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals in the cultivation of the coca leaf in the whole area of Alto Huallaga, which also includes de Huanuco, San Martin and Ucayali Region.
The work began inside the Ucayali Region with banana and plantain plantations. In the year 94, the fungi "Black Sigatoka" entered the region and a lot of money had been spent to apply many methods to eradicate this fungus, but everything failed.
HOMA Therapy was applied in areas where the incidence of the fungi was over 80% and in less than 4 months the area was already rejuvenated.
Each mother plant had 20 offshoots and all were capable of reproducing. Before, the offshoots did not serve to setup new plantations. But with HOMA all were of good quality.
SENASA (National Service of Agrarian Health) lifted their legal control restriction and authorized farmers to leave 4 offshoots per mother plant and take away 16.
We began to market each offshoot for 0.50 cents. Since there are 1000 plants in 1 hectare,
16 offshoots x 1000 plants x 0.50 Soles = 8,000
They got an extra income of (Soles) S. / 8,000 without counting the fruit bunches.
So the farmers paid quickly their debts to the Government.
SENASA took these offshoots to areas sick with Sigatoka.
Suddenly a new species was produced with HOMA. A species, that looked like a cloned plant, but was natural. Normally the stem does not get thicker, because the banana is not a tree, it is a giant herb. With HOMA, the pseudo stem got thicker and short in order to support the weight of the fruit bunches which were 40 kg. each one. So the weight and the size of the bunches increased, and the flavor of the fruit improved.
The ripening occurred in a uniform way and the fruits showed resistance to the handling of transportation. Now, the crop could be harvested weekly. It used to be every 15 days, now the ripening is faster.
The Ministry of the Presidency was very interested because farmers started to pay their loans and the Ministry set up other projects and it made observations in other crops, in cattle breeding, beekeeping and in the whole ecosystem.
For more than 20 years, the Wild Forest did not show any flowering, there was no pollination. With HOMA it began to rejuvenate and the Wild forest was filled with colors.
Then the Ministry of Agriculture entered with a beekeeping program to give priority to deep valleys where farmers were working with HOMA.
The production of honey was so prosperous that each beehive gave 40 kg, where normally only 5 kg of first production was harvested. And they could be harvested in winter as well as in summer. The production was permanent.
The same happened with the milk production. The cows produced milk in summer and winter.
The same happened with the production of palm oil in summer and winter. What a wonderful thing, like it was in the beginning of Creation.

All types of land benefited with HOMA Therapy.
They gave us the worst land where nothing grew and everything failed, soils with pH of less than 4.5. Clayish soils with little drainage and extremely toxic due to overuse of pesticides like 'Tamaron' which belongs to the dirty dozen of pesticides.

With HOMA, the earth worms began to appear in 2 months .And this is an indicator
that the soil is alive and rejuvenating. In less than 4 months, the area that was abandoned,
where nothing grew, became a garden of Eden, a paradise.
The farmers planted vegetables and associated crops by m2 and became self sufficient.
Then they paid their debts to the Government.
The areas they showed us were areas where the farmer were on the edge of violence or suicide, they didn't have other options. They had many debts due to the programs of alternative crops.

HOMA Therapy does not have limits. One who practices HOMA will find new things every day and he will experience MIRACLES, because there are no words to explain this.
That was what the engineers said when they began to observe the behavior of the coffee.
Normally, the 5 years old plant needs pruning or needs to be renovated. There is a productive pyramid. Usually from the harvested knuckle coffee does not grow any more, so it is necessary to renew it. But with HOMA there were plantations, abandoned over 20 years ago, that started to flower and to produce fruits again.
Who can explain this? The coffee engineers were astonished. This only happens with Homa.
So anyone who wants to benefit should simply make the decision to practice HOMA and to make observations in everything that is productive and he will find that HOMA THERAPY is very efficient, effective, inexpensive and practical.
Illiterate farmers of the Amazon forest learn HOMA quickly and they like to do it, because it reminds them on certain reminiscences of the ancient Peru. This technology was applied in the ancient Peru.
And it is so simple and wonderful. One is working in total harmony with Nature and one's own health is improved too. We have observed this in ourselves and others who were rejuvenating their land and their plantation. Healing their lands they heal themselves.
They have healed themselves of all type of illnesses, even of psychiatric problems.
We have seen cases of epilepsy, Parkinson, schizophrenia getting healed completely. When one works in harmony with nature, she takes charge of healing us in the most complete way.
Total Healing is not only for the banana and cocoa, it is for all.
The truth is that I continue marveling about all that is happening with HOMA. For me practicing Homa is a duty, because there are so many people suffering due to contamination, which is the worst enemy and which brings us plagues and diseases anywhere.

But we have HOMA Therapy and that is our medicine.
There is another important point that I want to share with you in the cattle upbringing with HOMA technology. In the Amazon area there are hybrid species and authentic ones as the Zebu, the Brahmin and also other crossings for milk. The incidence of disease is very high and the reproduction index is very low. Inside the area of Tingo Marķa, including the High Huallaga, the reproductive index is around 60%. With artificial insemination it reaches up to 80%. Observations were made at post-grade level in the University of Tingo Marķa, under the guidance of the Dean of Veterinary Medicine. Observations were made during one and a half year. They were surprised when seeing that from 60% it raised to 88.6 % in ½ a year. It passed the record of artificial insemination with HOMA and reached after one year 94.5%. This did beat all the records, nobody had expected that. The cows were born pedigree and more female than males. There is no necessity of genetic manipulation. In a natural way, improving their environment, the cows begin to have a normal behavior. Their morphology begins to work in the most appropriate way and the production of milk increases in quantity and concentration of fatty acids.
Another thing I wanted to add is in regard to the soya production. The soya is a very useful cereal; it has many nutritive qualities and contributes inside the ecosystem with associate crop cultivations. When we grew soya in Tingo Marķa it was consumed as food and the soya had at a general level a completely different effect in digestion and nutrition.
Soya beans, grown with agro chemicals, the Engineer may correct me, develops the "antitriptic" factor and that it is the key matter for investigators in nutrition, because it blocks the triptofane assimilation, which is an amino acid that allows the assimilation of other amino acids. There has to be a minimum proportion. This happens with the soya when it is produced with agro chemicals - the assimilation of the other amino acids of great value it is not assured, in spite of being a great food. Therefore it has to be prepared at the time of cooking. Carbon, orange shell or a carrot has to be added, that is how the nutritionists recommend it. Also the flavor, it has a bitter flavor and for those inconveniences the soya is not consumed. But with HOMA that bitter flavor doesn't exist and that "antitriptic" factor is not present. So the soya returns to be like it was at the beginning with all the qualities of a good food.
If there are more people having a HOMA farm it would be good to designate an area for soya. I asked the engineer here to include a leguminous because it contributes to the bio fertilization and has other benefits besides the feeding. The soya will serve as foods for the cow, besides cotton and that will nurture the cattle better in the area.

Due to contamination the Amazon area is extremely sick. The cows have many problems of placenta retention and sometimes they give birth premature, but with HOMA the birth is fast. The calves are standing up and walking since they are born. All the problems that the cows have from the moment of birth onward are solved, even the problem with the placenta retention. I like to tell this anecdote: I left around 4 am to get cow's manure in a cattle farm and while the farmers were collecting the dung, time for Agnihotra came close. I looked for a place and when I am singing the Mantra I see a pregnant cow coming. With HOMA the cows become meek and the bulls don't need to be castrated in order to use them for plowing the earth. The cow found a place to lay down and I turned around and there was already the whole placenta and the calf also. Imagine how she felt so well that she was motivated to give birth in that moment and it was very quick!
So we really don't know how we can help all the creatures of nature. The earth worms are producing humus already in 20 days, without HOMA it takes 3 to 4 months. Once the earth worms finish their work in the compost pile, they leave and they will look for a new compost. There is a superior intelligence that moves the creatures to work in an efficient way so that the whole ecological balance is achieved quickly, and then all work together with the farmer.
In the hands of the HOMA farmer lays the power to rejuvenate the planet. We have a farmer's song where we say: when a HOMA farm is born, we all are born again and when a HOMA lot is born, the planet will be saved. That we will sing later.

The Ministry of the Presidency witnessed so many favorable things in the crops, in spite of taking us to areas where the farmers didn't want to receive them any longer. They burned their vans, blew up the bridges, but we did not know anything about this. We simply went, because we are voluntaries in the spreading of HOMA technology. We like to serve, we are ready to serve. Then the Ministry tested HOMA in 30 units of approximately 40 hectares each, making a total of 1200 hectares with all the crops they were managing like cocoa, plantain, banana, coffee, carom, all citric fruits, pineapple and avocados, mango, macadamia nuts, which were planted with coffee, cashew, rice, corn, beans and vegetables in addition to cattle raising and bee keeping. In all those areas working with HOMA, the farmers began quickly to pay back their debts to the Government and they began to work more with deep valleys and they were producing honey, lots of nectar and propoleo and that helped in the rejuvenation.
Then it is wonderful the technology HOMA and we are privileged in knowing it and our duty is to share with those. Before HOMA we were also suffering and now we are happy and we have to share with those that are suffering, in their majority the poor farmers, women rural, native and many children that were orphan because of the contamination and the violence that it is given in this time.

Did you know that in the Huallaga area 84 out of the 104 microclimates are located and out of the 10 soil types 7 exist in that area? Through an investigation was discovered that all the crops have more alkaloids, including the coca leaf. It seems that for that reason all the drug traffic went to that area. But that degenerated and was used for other purposes. At that time the farmer received a high price, his income was on an average US $1,400. With HOMA and a production of associate crops, having permanent plants and plants of short vegetative cycle like covering plants can have up to 5 crops a year. And on the average he will have an annual income of US $2,500 - superior to that of the coca leaf and with the advantages that he leaves behind the social problem, the environmental problem and the economic problem. All HOMA project allows getting out of social, environmental and economic problems, therefore it is an eco-business. It allows responding to the demand of the world on organic foods. Nobody can produce organic food due to plagues and diseases, but with HOMA it can grow on a big scale, not only adding quality but also a sustainable production. In order to export, it is necessary to be sustainable. The buyers are demanding, but with HOMA we can do it. The farmer will have a permanent income, and this way we are solving the socio-economic problem of the Nation. The economy of a Nation is measured by the family basket. So if there is food, there is alimentary security, there are original seeds, the farmer can make seed banks and that will give him more income. The seeds cost more and they can be exported and at the same time, the permanent export of food - this is the solution for the whole Nation, because with the food we cannot play. We need food every day and if it is quality food it will bring health. So HOMA will bring material prosperity combined with health. So, all the problems have been solved.

The land of the farmers was very sick, they themselves were very sick because of contamination and violence and their psychological health was also very affected. So healing their crops they healed themselves. And the healing was automatic without any cost, only with their work and their investment in the farm. And they have healthy food. If we continue eating vegetables with agro chemicals, the toxics remain in the food. Like a beautiful mango can be toxic. But with HOMA it is organic, ecological and medicinal. The medicinal plants become more potent in their healing qualities.

The farmers even used axes for pruning and the wounds didn't heal and became the housing for plagues and other pathogenic agents. Then, we began to apply HOMA technology and in less than 2 months we observed the flowering of the plantation, out of season. The formation of the fruits happened quickly and without the attack of Monilia. The technicians and the farmers know, when the fruit first appears, the fungi enters immediately, then they fall mummified on the earth and the few fruits that are achieved are infected with Monilia. They had tried with the hybrid CCN-51 brought from Ecuador but even that failed. With HOMA the production was given, even out of season and the fruits were bigger and so were the seeds. And the aroma with Homa is exquisite. The farmers began immediately to make nurseries to enlarge their production. Many had already abandoned their land but they saw that the market was more favorable for cocoa, more than for coffee and buyers were already coming, even Europeans. And for the organic product they paid 3 times more. Only with HOMA it was possible to rejuvenate those areas and in time record of less than 4 months.