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Problems with roaches

"A wood covered furniture was always full with roaches. Since I practice Homa Therapy, there are no more roaches in our house."

Prof. Egberto Oriel Pacheco
Urb. Pachacamac IV Etapa
Villa El Salvador
, Per˙
Tel. 01 - 293 2258


"I like to share my experiences after starting the daily practice of Agnihotra. I thank the Divine for having allowed me to know this fire and its method of healing accessable for everyone in need. 
Amongst others I experienced the absence of roaches in the Eco-Silo, which were a problem for my wife, who is frightened of them. (Eco-Silo: hole in the ground where all the organic waste and cuttings from the kitchen, left over, etc. remain during some time and convert into compost for the plants.)
First the roaches strolled around like having received insecticides, but which they did not and then the roaches disappeared completely.
If someone is interested in contacting me, please do not hesitate. We learn every day more."