Clemira Coronel Chavez
Urb. Los Jardines
Avifap # 20
Piura, Perú
Tel: 073-353981

As soon as I came to know Homa Therapy I got 2 pyramids, one for me and one for my husband. I practice the fires with lots of love. I had a lot of mice in my household, but I could not  kill them.  After I started with Agnihotra, the mice left and they  have not come back. I am practicing Agnihotra now over a year.

Adela Beatriz Cordova Rodriguez
Urb. Los Ficus  Mza.G - Lote 14
Piura, Peru
Teléfono (073) 307268
D.N.I. 02651854 

We were having a rat and mice problem at home. They walked around in the living room, while we were sitting and talking in the evenings That was very scary to me. We have tried to get rid of them through poisons, but it did not work. We even had a cat, but we still had the problem. Only when I started practicing the healing fire Agnihotra of the Homa Therapy, was, when they started to disappear. Now there are no rats, mice, not even roaches thanks to the Homa Therapy.