This hive is about 2 feet
(60 cm) across.
"Tapovan" Homa Farm
Parola, Dist: Jalgaon, Maharashtra

• Honey bees are dying on a mass scale in all parts of the world.They cannot get enough nutrition to survive.
• Bees are needed for eco-balance on the planet. Even if we employ all known methods of improving soil and sustainable organic agriculture, the bees will still be dying. This is a big threat to agricultural production.
In Tapovan 6 hectare Homa farm there are more than 25 natural hives of wild bees (see pictures).
• Inborn in the honeybee are certain hormones that are produced solely in Homa atmosphere.
• This subject is foreign to anything science has encountered so far in this respect. These hormones help the nutritional levels yielded in vegetables and fruits to yield at much increased rates.


From the beehive with the simple chamber and only one production hive ,the harvest was 9 “trays”
From the beehive with double queen and three production hives, the harvest from 2 production hives was 9 “trays” each ,and 3 “trays” from the 3rd production hive, and  2 “trays” more from the breeding chamber, which is absolutely unusual. Extracting honey from a breeding chamber does not happen usually.

The total harvest was 32 "trays” ,out of which 100 kg of very good quality honey was obtained . Over all,it is a good production for beehives not adapted to the surrounding.


Conventional Apiculture  gave a low yield , even though all was managed regarding the criteria of active apiculture to receive the expected results. From 2 beehives with simple chamber only 10 “trays” were extracted, which is approx. 24 kg of honey.

Observaction: Eng. Gustavo Guarniz Diaz, Apiculture Expert, Ministry of Presidency, Peru