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Mz B Lote 12 Consuelo de Velasco
Piura, Peru

"IŽd like to relate to you my experience with the Homa Therapy. First of all, I went to visit my brother Walter on his farm. When I was at his house, he went out to take a walk and then he returned with a small humming bird in his hands. He said that it fell at his feet. Then he told me that he has a miracle creme and he combined the Agnihotra ash with some ghee, preparing the creme. Then he rubbed the creme on the wings and chest, all over the little bird. The bird seemed to be dead. But surprisingly it opened gradually one eye and then the other, then you could see how it started breathing. It started shaking his tail and we were very happy, because it was coming alive. My brother kept on rubbing the little bird with the Agnihotra creme, and at the same time he invited me to come to the Agnihotra healing session. Then he said "lets see how it worked". We walked out the door, to the place where he had picked up the little bird and it took off, to wherever his home is. So I decided to go to the Homa Therapy session."