Weekly application of the Agnihotra ash solution with a manual fumigator  eliminates ticks, etc. 


Homa treatment in the cicatrisation process of the navel. Ghee was applied immediately and 8 hours later the Agnihotra ash cream.
24 hours after birth the navel was completely dry. 

        More Recommendations ...

 Mixing the Agnihotra ash (5kg) with salt (2kg) eliminates parasites, etc.

Agnihotra ash solution: put 40 table spoons of Agnihotra ash in a container of 200 liters of water, hang a Yantram inside and let it sit for 3 days. Then use the clear part for fumigating the animals. 
Agnihotra ash cream: Mix the Agnihotra ash with clarified unsalted cow's butter (1:10).