Dog "Canuto" got healed with 
Homa Therapy 

Libertad Agurto Plata
Casa Blanca - Bernal
Piura, Peru
Tel. 074- 321805
L.E 02638815
My ant Chela has a dog called Canuto. He was very sick with a lethal, viral, contagious infection, called "Distemper". He was suffering and crying constantly. The veterinarian doctor recommended to sacrifice him, saying he was a hopeless case. He was loosing a lot of weight and it had high fever. So I decided to treat him with Homa Therapy. I gave him Agnihotra ash with water and ghee (3 times a day) ,and I put a Yantram around his neck. I had him close to me during the Agnihotra, morning and evening fires and also when I was doing Tryambakam fire in the afternoon. We did the same with the other dog, a big one, called Adony when he started to get sick with the same disease. Both of them recuperated completely in just 2 weeks of Homa Therapy treatment. Now Canuto is very happy, healthy and he looks beautiful.