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Presents uncontrollable warts.
The veterinary recommended to sacrifice this pregnant cow..

after 30 days

- Warts are disappearing
- General health improves
- The fur turns shiny, which  indicates a good health
- calves with beginning pneumonia healed in only 10 days with the Agnihotra ash treatment
Observation: Eng. Mati Uranga, Lima, Peru






Picture 1:
An eight year old cross breed cow, named Sweet Sunday, has suffered with chronic skin irritation
each year that she has been brought inside for the winter months. Past treatments have proven to be a long drawn out process with varying results. Winter 2005, we began treatment with Agnihotra Ash and ghee. This photograph shows clearly the extent of the irritation and damage to skin tissue.

Picture 2, Day 2 of Agnihotra Ash treatment:
Inflammation has completely disappeared. Signs indicate that the itching has stopped, as Cow is not rubbing skin. Open wounds have healed completely.
Treatment continued only one more day to ensure total healing.


Dickie Hornbeamīs Agnihotra Ash story:
On 24th November 2005 a dying bull calf, named
Dickie Hornbeam (Makhan-chor) was received at the farm. He had sustained serious lung damage as a result of untreated pneumonia. The veterinarians' prognosis was not good. It was not expected that he would live. Treatment with Agnihotra Ash was commenced immediately - in the water bowl and - rubbed on his body around his chest area. At nights a Yantram was put against his chest while he slept. The calf also began to take Agnihotra Ash internally, licking it from my fingers. Homeopathic remedies complimented the Agnihotra Ash treatment.
<= Dickie Hornbeam arriving very sick at the farm.

Mrs. Jimena Clarke treating the calf with Agnihotra Ash.

After one month, the calf was breathing more easily and the catarrhal cough was not as severe; after two months the calf demonstrated discomfort only at times the weather changed; three months after the start of Agnihotra Ash treatment the calf began growing and all symptoms improved.

Today the bull is healthy and joyful (with Matthew)

The ten months old, Makhan-chor now breathes easily; there is very little indication of lasting tissue damage. His weight and body condition are above average for calves of his age.