Translated from Original Spanish:

For:                        Dr. Gloria Guzman
From the Worker: Santos Arteaga
Matter:                  Information on milk producing cows and milk production applying HOMA Therapy 
                               on the cattle farm "Soberana" of SAIS PAMPA

I wish to greet you with this letter and inform you at the same time about the following:

On April 20th, 2002 I started working with this company in the position of being in charge of the cattle, of which 15 are milk cows, whose production was in the beginning 35 liters in total.

Successively the production increased and at the moment (two months later) the production has reached 66 liters. We have now 16 milk cows. I give them with their daily food Agnihotra ash.

In the month of July 2 calves died with an age of 4 and 5 months.
The first calf died due to a viper sting, the second because of malnutrition. She only took the mother's milk and did not eat from the pasture. She was given some chemical shots which were supposed to increase her appetite and to regularize her bowels, but she did not resist the medicine and died shortly after that.
The water that the cattle drink is from puddles, it is dirty, cloudy, and full of microbes and fungi.

A drinking trough is needed so that they can drink clean water
Improvement of the pasture is necessary.
Fences need to be fixed.
1 more horse is needed.

SAIS PAMPAS KM 18 C.F.B. 16 of July 2002

Signature  of

Santos Sixto Arteaga
D.I. 32039851