In regular soils, between  1,800  to 4,000 meters a.s.l. (optimum conditions)         using agrochemicals:

  • seeds germinate 15 to 45 days after being planted
  • the flowering takes place after 3 to 4 months
  • the harvest is collected after 5 - 6 months
  • The incidence of the disease "rancha"   is between 30 to 100% if there are heavy rains 
In ex-coca soil (600 to 800 meters a.s.l.), where normally nothing grows, after 6 months of Homa Therapy  application  :
  • seeds germinated on the 5th day after being planted
  • on the 25th day the plants had reached over 50 cm height  
  •  the flowering started after 30days
  •  the harvest was collected after 3 months
  • the crop stayed free of plagues and diseases even though the growing cycle took place during the rainy season

Observation: Eng. Jose A. Munoz Cardenas, Padre Abad, Ministry of Presidency of the Republic of Peru