Flowers with HOMA THERAPY 

"Since we started practicing Homa Therapy, we are observing a tremendous difference. The plants look beautiful. I only fumigate the garden with the Agnihotra ash - water solution and the flowers stopped withering and dying. They are produced now continuously. Those, which were sick are now flowering again. We can cut and sell flowers every day,  THIS IS SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY NEW FOR US."
Using agrochemicals, ”The flowers of our garden withered rapidly. Almost every month or month and a half we had to apply fertilizers to get some production, but still many plants died. Three months ago, just before we started the Homa Therapy, I did not have money to buy the fertilizer and all flowers were withering away, some were dying.” 

Observation: Farm owner Mr. Palermo Garcia Mendoza, Km 1058, Tambogrande, Piura, Peru