The Resonance Technique is a part of HOMA Therapy, where simple practices are used to heal bigger areas of sick cultivations in a short time. 

It implies the same human effort to heal one or forty hectares. Therefore one RESONANCE POINT can be used to heal up to 40 Hectares of land. For this, 2 simple huts are needed, built with available, economic and ecological material, found in the area like: wood, adobe bricks, mats, bamboo, stone, cane, etc. Nobody will live there. They are simply to protect the person performing the healing fires of HOMA Therapy from the sun, rain and to avoid that animals like dogs, cats, hens, horses, etc. enter. It should be quite inexpensive to build these huts or cabins. 

One hut or "main hut" (Agnihotra hut) is to perform the AGNIHOTRA fire daily at sunrise and at sunset. It is ideal to build the hut in the center of the farm, if possible. It should have the size of approx. 3 x 4 meters; the longer side should be among the cardinal points EAST and WEST. The entrance should be from the WEST and one will sit down looking toward the EAST to make the fires. 

Near the EAST wall and parallel to it, a hole of approximately half-meter depth and 30x30 cm size should be dug. All this should be ready before the Homa Therapy volunteers come to install and to activate the resonance point. A new pyramid is activated with a specific fire and Mantras and then it is buried in that hole in a certain way. This is similar to the "grounding" effect in electricity. The ash from that fire should be given to sick plants nearby. Once this pyramid is buried, a column of mud is built on top of it, with an approximate height of meter and another activated pyramid is placed on top of it. This way, the pyramid on the column is at heart level of the person sitting on the floor in front of the column. The pyramid on the column will not be used again, but acts as a Resonance Pyramid. 
Then two more pyramids are activated and placed on the right and left hand side of the column. The one on the left side is for the daily AGNIHOTRA performance and the one on the right side is for the performance of other fires during the day. All together we have 4 pyramids in this hut. The Agnihotra hut is a place of silence, no other words, than the Mantras are spoken inside, this way there is no interference with the subtle healing energies. This hut is the Generator of Healing energies. 

The second hut should be bigger in size (4 x 5 meters). It is known as the "Healing hut" or OM TRYAMBAKAM hut, although healings occur in any place of the area of the project. It is important that this second hut is also built with the entrance in the WEST. In this hut 2 pyramids are to be placed on small columns of mud. The one on the left side is for AGNIHOTRA, and the one on the right side is for OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA. There, a minimum of 4 hours OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA should be practiced daily, in which people can take turns. It is ideal to build this hut near the entrance of the farm, this way people can arrive for healing easily and without disturbing the privacy or interfering with the functioning of the farm and the Agricultural Eco-Tourism, if it exists. The healings are always free of charge; people can sit in the hut, during the fires. 

This way we have four pyramids in the AGNIHOTRA hut and two pyramids in the OM TRYAMBAKAM hut. This makes a total of six pyramids. The other four pyramids are located close to the perimeter of the 40Has, on the cardinal points: North, South, East and West of the farm. On each point a column of mud is built, which should reach the height of the heart of a person standing, and a pyramid is placed on top of it. These pyramids are previously activated. Small wooden boxes, if necessary with locks, can be built on top of each column, to maintain the pyramids clean and safe, when they are not in use. It is important, that no rain and no other material enter the pyramids. 

Finally the Yantrams are installed.

To heal sick plants, to rejuvenate the earth and to improve the quality of the water, AGNIHOTRA should be carried out daily on exact schedule, given by computer according to the longitude and latitude of the specific farm, and besides a minimum of 4 hours of OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA should be performed daily. 
On full Moon or new Moon, 24 hours or the most possible number of hours of OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA should be performed. These guidelines are to be followed strictly in order to: 

- Be able to heal sick plants from fungi, bacteria, harmful insects, nematodes, weevils, virus, etc. 
- Control the weeds 
- Produce abundant and healthy crops. 

If this discipline is carried out permanently, along with the application of the WATER-ASH SOLUTION, (which is pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, nematocide, hormone, fertilizer, etc.) and natural compost, the production will increase notably and the quality of this production will be superior in color, flavor, texture, nutritional content and therefore there will be a substantial reduction of losses in the crops.