Albert's Rebirth 

In November of 1992 Albert, a small tree of approximately 22 inches entered our house like an additional decoration; but in fact he was soon considered a member of the family since my daughter Michell wanted us to call him Albert. 

Albert, whom I came to know through a picture that Meerta, my wife had sent me, during my absence from home (caused through my work), made me feel deeply grateful toward him, thinking that during my absence, Meerta could share the pleasure of his presence and give him attention and love. 

From then on Albert became an important topic in our correspondences and when I returned back home, I finally came to know Albert personally. I felt as if I came to interrupt a family connection and to remove some of the attention that he had received daily from Meerta. Beside, I also decided to give him a new place on the terrace so that he could be integrated directly with Mother Nature. 

During the next months Albert continued to develop in his normal rhythm until he turned three years old. Suddenly the tree began to change his appearance, his leaves began to fall and his body became sick. 

Albert began to worry us and we decided to buy some remedies with the purpose to help him. But neither the remedies nor the environment were able to save Albert. The end of Albert arrived. He preferred to die. I felt as if it was a punishment on the behalf of having him removed from the center of the family. This happened in August of 1994 and we left Albert abandoned, accepting his death. We had the intention to take him out of our home and get rid of him. 

In the beginning of 1995 Albert still occupied his little space on the terrace like a symbol without life. In the month of February I had the opportunity to attend a talk at my dear friends' house Marlene and Abel, where I had the privilege to know the great Teacher Vasant and from his mouth I heard for the first time the word AGNIHOTRA.

I understood that AGNIHOTRA was related to sunrise and sunset and also how important the energy force for mental, physical and ecological purification is, for our lives and for the environment that surrounds us. AGNIHOTRA leads to a state of happiness and love and daily practice of AGNIHOTRA , using its ashes and its smoke are not only healing for humans but also for the atmosphere and the plants in general. 

The message of Teacher Vasant caught my attention so much that I asked how to get the necessary tools to practice AGNIHOTRA and I was told that somebody would come from Venezuela to inform us in this respect. 

In the beginning of the month of March I had the opportunity to know a very special and loved member and it was José who was the one to teach us how to practice AGNIHOTRA. The very same day I got all the necessary materials to be able to begin to practice AGNIHOTRA at home. The following day we could light the first AGNIHOTRA fire. 

After practicing AGNIHOTRA for one week I remembered that Albert was still in the terrace and I went to speak to him with the hope that he would listen to me and I told him: "Albert, my brother! This is a new knowledge from a very special being of light and I want to put it in practice with you. Forgive me that I have abandoned you during all these months, but from this moment on I will take charge of you again. See this pyramid! See this fire! This smoke! All this will help you to wake up from the dream in which you abandoned us." 

From this day on I began to use the ashes of the AGNIHOTRA fire and feed them to Albert, remembering him that he will improve. I decided to take a picture, convinced, that some day we won't see him this way again. After a few days my happiness got so big when I saw that Albert was reviving. I could not control the manifesting of my emotions about Albert's rebirth and so I began to call all my friends, which had said whenever they visited me "What is it you are waiting for to throw this tree away? " 

Today after 25 days Albert is reestablished, full with life and luminous green leaves. And my friends and I have determined that AGNIHOTRA is a truly powerful tool. We don't have any other alternative than thanking Teacher Vasant for this divine teaching. 

We continue practicing AGNIHOTRA with more conviction than ever before, not only for the fact of having experienced Alberto's rebirth but also for what AGNIHOTRA contributes to the whole Universe. 

Albert, a simple small tree, has left me and my friends an enormous message, demonstrating us that we should never lose hope, and that obstacles exist to change any situation how ever difficult it may be. We all can transform our life in all its aspects, and we all should love and respect Mother Nature inside which we develop ourselves. 

A perpetual gratefulness to Teacher Vasant V. Paranjpe for his teaching. 
A perpetual gratefulness to AGNIHOTRA 

Miami, March 27 1995 
Rafael Eduardo Díaz 

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