In order to produce your own Agnihotra ash medicines first carry out Agnihotra regularly following strictly the disciplines mentioned in this website or in the book "Light towards Divine Path" by Vasant Paranjpe. This is important in order to obtain ashes with the extraordinary healing power. Only the correct performance of Agnihotra assures this. The Agnihotra ash is the basic substance required to prepare all the Agnihotra medicines.

The ancient science of Vedic medicine states that Agnihotra atmosphere and Agnihotra ash are medicinal. Monika Koch of West Germany has done some research on several medicines based on Agnihotra ash. People all over the world have used these medicines successfully to treat a wide range of ailments. They are most widely used in South America and Eastern Europe. Ms. Koch offers the following guidelines for preparation of Agnihotra ash medicines:
To produce Agnihotra medicines, perform Agnihotra. Agnihotra ash is the basic substance necessary for preparation of all Agnihotra medicines.
The ashes of the Agnihotra fire have the pharmaceutical name "Agnihotra Usta" (Latin: Usta - burnt). To use Agnihotra Usta pharmaceutically, pulverize the ash, then sift it through a fine mesh. The result is Agnihotra power.

Agnihotra Powder
Externally for the skin or internally together with water or honey (two to three times a day, half a teaspoonful at a time).

Agnihotra Capsules
Fill agar capsules with Agnihotra power. This is more convenient for travel. Two to three capsules each day.

Agnihotra Ointment
Combine ghee (clarified unsalted butter) with Agnihotra ashes. Ghee is an excellent vehicle and carries the subtle healing substance exactly to the location of the disease. In a pot suitable for preparing ointment mix one part of Agnihotra powder with nine parts of ghee per weight. Externally for burns, dry skin diseases, etc., and internally for heart conditions.

Agnihotra ash Agnihotra ash capsules Agnihotra ointment
Agnihotra Cream
Combine one part ghee with three parts pure spring or well water by volume. Knead together in a pure copper vessel with the palm of your right hand until the ghee resumes some of the water. Discard the excess water and add again three parts of pure water to the ghee. Repeat this process at least fifteen times. Then combine one part Agnihotra powder with nine parts of this water-ghee emulsion in a pot suitable for preparing ointments. This cream may be used internally or externally and has a profound effect.
Agnihotra Eye drops
Agnihotra eye drops need to be prepared anew daily. Mix one part Agnihotra ash powder with ten parts distilled water. This mixture has to be boiled on low flame for 10 minutes, afterwards pass the mixture through filter paper, triple folded close meshed cheese cloth or similar. From the solution which has passed the filter one can several times a day apply one drop into each eye and also rub one drop onto the skin around the eye.
Agnihotra Suppositories
Combine seventeen parts of Agnihotra powder with ninety-five parts ghee. Heat the mixture until well blended and pour into molds. Solidify in refrigerator. When necessary it can be cut into a suppository form and be applied.

Agnihotra Inhalation
Mix one teaspoonful Agnihotra Usta in a cup of boiling water. The patient is to keep his head directly above the pot containing the hot mixture and deeply inhale the vapor. To concentrate the steam, the patient should put a thick towel over his head which also covers the pot completely.
The following is taken from Pharmaceutical Study Center.

Report #3 prepared by Ms. Monika Koch (translated from German):

The patients sat in Agnihotra atmosphere and used Agnihotra ash medicines and achieved the following results:

Frontal Sinusitis
Regular performance of Agnihotra. Headaches disappeared, pus loosened within two to four days.

Skin Fungus
Agnihotra ash powder applied several times daily. Complete healing within two days.

Baby's Skin Inflammation
Agnihotra ash powder applied four times each day. Complete healing of the inflammation within two days.

Swelling of the Ankle
Agnihotra ash rubbed on ankle. Swelling disappeared in half a day.

Agnihotra ointment applied. Within fourteen days nearly complete healing.

Agnihotra ash powder applied to the skin. Complete healing within two to three days. Patient had nearly no pains.

Hay-Fever with Severe Eye Irritation
Agnihotra ash powder was applied to the corners of the eyes. Eye irritation was cured within half a day. No further treatment was necessary.

Age-Worn Eyes
Agnihotra eye drops applied to corners of both eyes and one drop rubbed in underneath each eyelid. Vision improved after one day.

Severe Congestion
Agnihotra ointment was applied to chest and back daily and nightly. Congestion loosened quickly and was cured after one week.

Nasal Congestion I
Agnihotra smoke inhaled. Within half a day cured.

Nasal Congestion II
Agnihotra ointment applied inside the nose. Congestion cured after two days.

Cold with Sore Throat
Agnihotra ash powder taken with honey. Throat pains were cured very quickly.

Severe Muscle Pains
Agnihotra ash taken internally one to two times daily. Within two days pains disappeared.

One internal application of Agnihotra ash. Stool returned to normal.

Rectal Cancer
One teaspoonful of Agnihotra ash powder taken three times daily, plus Agnihotra suppositories taken twice daily. Substantial healing; little or no blood in stool.

Enlarged Tonsils
Half a teaspoonful of Agnihotra ash powder taken internally twice daily. Tonsils returned to normal. Fever disappeared.

Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding
Agnihotra ash powder taken internally with honey two to three times daily. Within eight weeks bleeding returned to normal; migraine headaches and severe pains disappeared.

Kidney Pain
Agnihotra ash powder taken internally two to three times. Pain stopped.

A pinch of Agnihotra ash powder taken internally two times daily. The time between migraine attacks lengthened; chronic tiredness was cured.

Pressure in the Throat Caused by Nerves
One pinch of Agnihotra ash powder taken internally three times daily. Within four weeks pressure disappeared; all drugs were eliminated.

Difficult Child
One pinch of Agnihotra ash powder given internally in the evening; Agnihotra was performed daily in the child's home. Child became friendly; aggressions disappeared. Daily performance of Agnihotra in the home helped greatly.